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Leadster Ai

Automatically Answer your website visitors

Automate your service with artificial intelligence

No Credit Card Required

No programming skills required
Build and activate the chatbot in 12 minutes
Click and drag to edit
Capture more Qualified Leads
Answer the questions of your visitors
Humanized service

Why test Leadster AI?

Chatbots have become really smart

Have you ever had a terrible experience with automated service? We have too.

But the advances in Artificial Intelligence in the last year have revolutionized our ability to serve our customers in a accurate and humanized way.
  • Solve 88% of your site's service automatically

Serve all your visitors automatically

Offer your visitors a humanized, instant and scalable service. Leaving only the most complex services to your real attendants.
  • Maximize your operation without increasing team costs

Activation and training in just 12 minutes

Apply Artificial Intelligence in a simple and quick way. In a few minutes, our intelligence learns how to respond to your visitors and automate your operation.

Ready to activate the Future of Conversations?

Test for free and apply ChatGPT's personalized
intelligence to your site to increase your results.
  • Creation and activation in 12 minutes
  • No programming skills required
+42%Other Chatbots
+78%Leadster Chatbot

How to activate Leadster AI on your site


1. Configure the chatbot's appearance
(Name, Profile picture, and Colors)


2. Add your site's URLs and/or upload a file with information


3. Configure the chatbot's appearance
(Name, Profile picture, and Colors)


is the average time to configure and activate Leadsteron your site

Automate 88% of your service and qualification flow


of services can be automated usingLeadster

A truly intelligent chatbot


It has a protection system so the bot only responds with the information available in its training.


Leadster allows your team to monitor all automated responses with just a few clicks, enabling any optimization or adjustment.


Be available all hours, every day, without relying on human assistance.


Simplified Training

Import a document with the main questions and answers about your company and/or product, and let our intelligence do the rest.

Drag and Drop

Click and drag to edit

No programming knowledge required. Configure and customize your chatbot with just a few clicks.

Lahar Ramper

Integrate with the software your team already uses

Send the leads generated by Leadster to your CRM or
Automation without changing your sales process.

  • Integrate with just a few clicks
  • More than 2000 integration possibilities

A complete experience
and truly humanized

Free trial and apply the power of artificial intelligence to automate your service and increase the capture of qualified leads from your site.

No Credit Card Required

Dúvidas Frequentes

On average, 4 minutes and does not require technical programming knowledge.

No, you do not need to register credit cards to test the platform and you will not receive automatic charges after the end of the trial period.

We attract more visitors through a proactive and personalized approach, based on each visitor's interest. After that, we qualify all leads through a humanized conversation and distribute the leads to their correct destinations. Track and optimize your results through performance tests and artificial intelligence.

Regular chatbots use predetermined conversation trees, requiring a great effort from the visitor to get the answer they want. LeadsterAI uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand questions and have more human-like conversations with customers.

No. After the testing period, we will evaluate the volume of hits on your website and present a proposal. We do not charge automatically after the trial period.

Yes. We use ChatGPT because this Large Language Model (LLM) is the most mature and reliable on the market.

Yes. Leadster has integrations with the main platforms on the market natively and has integration with more than 2000 platforms through Zapier and Webhook.

Yes. We use best practices for data handling and retention. LeadsterAI was built using LangChain, so all the data used to train your chatbot is not shared with the public networks of the LLMs.

Our packages are based on the volume of interactions the solution handles on your site. You can test it for 14 days for free and measure the improvement in your service.

After this period, our sales representative will present the pricing structure based on your results.

Explore the future of interactivity with Leadster

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